Thursday, February 7, 2019

Plots and World-Building

Part of any good SF/F novel is the new world you take the reader to. It has to be logical, should be scientifically possible, and--interesting. And the plot had better be intriguing. In my work in progress, I have twins Zakan and Javek, from the planet Saecula, about to go on a quest to their brother planet, Saetana. Saecula and Saetana make up the Chret homeworld--twin planets sharing a common orbit, but, 4000 years after the cosmic disaster that struck them, separated by --among other things---their way of life, philosophy and religion.

Saecula is similar in many ways to the high plains of the United States. A cool, semi-arid climate full of mountains. The Saec, who inhabit the planet, are anti-modernists who walk everywhere, live simple lives, wear simple robes, and worship Amara, the goddess mother. 

Saetana, is more of an oceanic climate, where weather is a drab constant, always raining, always blowing, cloudy and foggy. The Saet are overly modernized, have brought their planet to near disastrous climate change by over developing, wear flashy pant suits, worship Kharv, a male god, and want to take over Saecula to develop its vast resources, since theirs are running out. 

The two things keeping the Saet from doing this are--the Krieg warrior race, who police the Seven Worlds and would readily destroy any ship daring to take an invasion party across the sea of space, and the Gate between the worlds, which used to allow instantaneous two-way travel, but now has been shut down from Saet to Saec, and is only one-way. The Saec, of course, have no desire to go to Saetana, which they believe is on a fool's path. The Saet have found a way to infiltrate Saecula, and their despotic leader, Rhondal, has them preparing to invade. The notoriously impatient Krieg are considering massive military action against Saetana.. 

Things have become urgent, and the twins, Zakan and Javek have been chosen to take up the perilous task of saving the two worlds.

Sound like something you might want to read?