Tuesday, August 11, 2015


"For me, to live is to die," Fahd al-Sharfa said. "I want to destroy Luna City and the space stations and become a martyr for truth."  But Fahd, a brilliant astrophysicist, never counted on falling in love with Dr. Quenby, his Antal coworker, whom he was now about to kill.  Nor had he realized the tenacity of Vice-Marshal Natil's Eagle Legion, determined to stop him.  And especially Aidan Good...who dances with the dead.
A boy genius is taken from his family and trained for a suicide mission on the moon. But he falls in love with just the wrong person. This powerful and gripping novel explores questions of redemption, truth, love, and life beyond death. Richly detailed, imaginative and evocative, DANCING WITH THE DEAD blends science and spiritual fiction. Filled with vivid and convincingly drawn characters, this gripping tale is at once a poignant human/alien love story and a foray into the realms beyond.