Terra has devolved into two camps of theocratic fascism. Nuclear weapons have been used by terrorists and nations. The Western bloc has established an advance base on Mars. 

Citing “primitives with WMD’s,” the militaristic Krieg want to pre-emptively annihilate all life on Terra, before the Terrans can attack the Seven Worlds. The Seven Worlds are split on the decision. The respected Vita-Kor Sisterhood and Va-Tor Brotherhood stand against the Krieg. So the Council of the Seven Worlds sends the distinguished Nord elder, Vitok,of the Va-Tor, to see if Terra is worth saving.

Vitok finds Aidan Ray, a successful attorney, and sixth generation psychic, who secretly communes with the dead in a society that would call her “witch.”

The Krieg find a way to create an extinction event using the Terran’s own ill-advised nuclear weapon plans. They press for a decision, and consider launching the attack with or without Council approval.

Time is running out. Vitok asks Aidan Ray to make the hazardous quantum intrusion journey to the Anthelion Galaxy and plead Terra’s case at the Council of The Seven Worlds.

The quantum intrusion has devastated any Terran who has dared it. Will Aidan and her team all survive the journey?

Will the Vita-Kor Sisterhood accept this Terran spiritualist and give her the aid she desperately needs?

But most of all, will the daring gambit she developed fend off the Krieg’s planned extinction event?

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