The Seven Worlds

The Seven Worlds of the Anthelion Galaxy first became interested in the planet they call Terra about three thousand years ago, when the Krieg noted the emergence of a potential warrior culture on the planet.  A thousand years previous, a warrior culture on the planet Xrcles had progressed to the point where it could deliver weapons of mass destruction off planet into other worlds, other galaxies. The Krieg wanted to take preemptive action against Xrcles, but were voted down by the other six worlds, led by the Nord. It was a mistake of the first order. Xrcles attacked the Anthelion Galaxy and though they were quickly and soundly defeated by the superior Krieg warrior technology, many Seven Worlds’ lives were lost.
In the late twentieth Terran century, after the War of 2020, when a suitcase atomic blew a large part of Los Angeles away and an automatic computerized nuclear response immolated most of the middle east, triggering the great Christian-Muslim antagonism, the Krieg once again beat the preemptive strike drum, citing, "Primitives with weapons of mass destruction." 
The Nord once again intervened. They sent Vitok of the Va-Tor masters to the planet Terra, to see if he could find sufficient reason to save what they had fondly taken on as their "cosmic zoo" from being destroyed by the Krieg. 
What Vitok did find, what those few Terrans did before the Council of the Seven Worlds, and what they have since done, has become the source of legend across the Seven Worlds.

                             The Nord 

The most advanced race of the Seven Worlds, the Nord, live on the planet Narr.  Incarnate Nord are strikingly beautiful, brilliant translucent beings of what we would mistakenly call “semi-viscous gas” within a semi-permeable shell that resembles a clear veneer. These wraithlike, round shouldered light forms that glide along the surface of the planet are not humanoid, but can grow instant arms, legs, or hands as they need. The males stand eight feet tall and vary from medium to deep blue in color. Females are about three inches shorter and pale violet to deep purple. Elders, the disembodied, “passed beyond” Nord with their transparent bodies of pure energy in the same general colors they had been when inhabiting a denser body, are unmistakably noticeable.
The single most distinguishing feature of both types of Nord is a five-tiered eye where a face might otherwise be. A three inch wide, dark red eye, immediately joined by a concentric bright red band that juts out another inch, a thin dark blue ring around that, next an orange circle spreading out another inch from that, and a bright yellow fifth glimmering halo eye to complete the multicolored sphere. Five penetrating lights like a huge multicolored headlamp on a spectral train. The eye, capable of infrared, ultraviolet, x-ray, radio waves and particles, and microwave vision, enables the Nord to see in the dark, in blinding light, to see heat, the interior of dense objects, and perceive both particles and waves. To the Nord, thought forms are real, physical things. Kumlar, the Nord language, literally means ‘thought speak,’ and it is far more thought than sound.
Because they accurately see thought forms, it is said that one cannot lie to the Nord, and though that is more true than not, it is not precisely accurate. And if anything, the Nord are precise, rational beings. Capable of ruling the galaxy, they choose to rule themselves instead, to live quietly with their thoughts, to manage, rather than dominate their planet, to treasure the terrestrial sheath of what they consider a living, sentient being and tolerate and encourage all its life forms and to remain galactic advisors.
Their philosophy is encapsulated in the Jintu Kor, the Nine Suggestions to Rule Oneself, the Way.

                           The Jintu Kor                                         .

·         Learn to distinguish the true reality from that which you desire it to be.
·         Separateness is illusion. Bear in mind that whatever you do, you do to yourself
·         No one can make anyone else think, feel or do anything. You are responsible for your own thoughts, feelings and actions
·         You cannot give others what you do not possess yourself. You must  become what you wish the world to have
·         Remember fear, greed and sloth are the mothers of all the negative emotions
·         Accept your negativity. Only then use reason to moderate and overcome it
·         Do as little harm as possible
·         Master your passions
·         Respect the privacy of others

                                The Tavak

Tavak: An all-white wolf-cat, native to the Sacred Yarr-Tun mountain, home of the Va-Tor Masters of the planet Narr. It has a long, plumed tail, large black eyes, 40-50 cm in length, 30-40 cm at the shoulder, 4-7 kilos weight.  Telepathic, solitary, long-legged predator that barks like a dog and howls like a wolf, but is capable of great cat-like leaps to bring down prey, has fangs both fore and mid jaw, retractable razor-sharp cat-claws on all four feet. On the rarest of occasions, chooses to “adopt” and look after a being of another species. Ferocious when aroused, capable of killing humans but also hopelessly cute, and it knows that.
The telepathic tavak has a habit of referring to itself in the third person, as in, “It will always protect you and the Terran boy and wishes to always remain with you.”

                                The Coryllim 

The first time one encounters a living, breathing Coryllim can be unnerving. Terrans are just not used to mobile sentient beings with what appears to be tree bark for skin. The four arms and four legs don’t help much either in the reassuring category. But I think it’s the one big green eye and the long, moving ears that really do it.
I have become fast friends with Ardine, the highly intelligent Corporeal Assets Director for Lumina Corporation. This powerful woman-in-command is a witty conversationalist, and can be completely charming. She’s considered exceptionally beautiful because of her remarkably long ears and dainty black hooves.
She usually greets newcomers to Luna in abyt, the language of her people, then switches into any one of several languages. Aware that the first face-to-face meeting can be unsettling, she usually stands patiently for a few moments that can seem like an eternity, raising and lowering the two long drooping auricles on the side of her bark-covered, pecan-shaped head, tolerantly scanning the room in her single oblong green eye, fixing faces with names in her mind. Then, pivoting her stiff, pear-shaped body slightly from side to side, she will slowly lift one stemmy chestnut brown leg, plant the first of four black hooves firmly down and clip-clop elegantly to the podium. She usually reaches out with two half-webbed, six-fingered hands to grasp the shiny black plastalloy podium sides, and opens her two other arms wide in greeting. Her ears and snout turn rosy brown as she gives the newcomers her most fetching smile, small pink lips pulled back from beaming white incisors just below her reddish brown snout. When her concise welcoming speech is concluded, she turns, folds all four arms against her trunk, and walks slowly toward the door from which she had entered. There’s usually a hushed gasp at this point from a few Terrans who are noted by Ardine’s other elongated green eye, the one in the back of her bark-covered head.
Intelligent, dexterous, clever and personable, the Coryllim are the entrepreneurs of the Anthelion Galaxy. Small and large business owners proliferate in Luna City and the two Terran space stations. Le Club AĆ©robleu on Luna is noted for its fine cuisine. And in the legendary Star Lounge in the high orbit station, which features delicacies from each of the Seven Worlds, you will often find little Coryllim saplini, slightly over three feet tall, prancing about making themselves useful and learning the business. You can tell from their reedy greenish brown color and size they are not fully mature. As the saplini begin to show signs of adulthood, creamy cashew colored streaks run vertically along their elongated bodies and their ears and snout turn light brown.
It’s a little-known fact that Coryllim are absolutely entranced by pumpkin pie. In fact, it’s addictive to them. I always bring a fresh pie with me for my several Coryllim friends in the fall when I visit Luna, even though the cost to transfer that kind of weight into orbit and the care to keep it safe from the g-forces of the journey, make it a demanding task. Of course, when Ardine comes to Terra for a visit, I make it a feature of our evening meal.
I’m sure you too will find the Coryllim to be interesting friends and guests once you let them "get under your bark” as they say.

An Interview with the Woman Who Dances with the Dead

CFL- A number of people have asked about Aidan Ray Good, the woman who dances with the dead, and I’m really pleased to have her here today. Thank you, Aidan. It’s not often an author gets to sit down like this with a character.

ARG- No, Charles, and it’s not often a character gets to do this either.

CFL- Aidan, the two biggest questions I’ve been asked have been, what’s it like to see, hear, and feel the dead, to dance with them? And, do you regularly interact with the dead from other planets?

ARG- Narr and El Adem mostly. Vitok and Kirsan Tabiyat.

CFL- And your regulars on Terra would be?

ARG- White Willow, John Kenneth Galbraith, Mao, the Passed Beyond Monitors, and some others you wouldn’t know.

CFL- I wouldn’t?

ARG- Not yet. (Laughs). You think you know everything?

CFL- (Laughs). Obviously not. You keep surprising me. So what’s it like?

ARG- Well, it’s a mixed bag, just like rubbing shoulders with incarnates. When the personality passes over into its new reality, it still carries with it a full set of desires, dreams. There’s no magical cleansing at death, no magic wand wisdom zap. So many of the deceased can still give the same bad advice they gave when they were incarnates.

CFL- Tell us more.

ARG- Well, at the risk of oversimplifying, I think you can divide the dead into three main groups: those who accept appearances around them and are content to live on without questioning them, those who can’t believe they’re dead, and the third group, who want to grasp the meaning of what’s happening to them and what lies beyond the reality they currently find themselves in.

CFL- So life beyond death, like life on earth, is far from simple.

ARG- And of course there are still ties of love for friends and family. This may explain why most people have little trouble contacting relatives again and again. But for the seekers of truth, the after-death life is a great adventure, another step on an eternal journey.
CFL- So you can get both good and not-so-good advice from the departed.

ARG- It takes some time, and some work for the lower earthly desires to fall away. Those who have accomplished that can give amazingly helpful guidance. Masters like Vitok of the Va-Tor Brotherhood, and Kirsan Tabiyat of the El Adem, for example, who choose to remain in service to the living and have been working from their side of the veil for, well, in Kirsan’s case, centuries, have generally burned out most ill thoughts and emotions. So they can both see and speak clearly.

CFL- When you say speak, you are speaking figuratively.

ARG- Yes, of course, there is no speaking, There’s thinking, thinking with all the emotions and meaning behind the thoughts. Not everyone can do this, and not everyone can see beyond the immediate thought forms.

CFL- And not everyone can probe another being’s mind.

ARG- I knew you’d get to that.

CFL- Well, lots of people want to know about that.

ARG- Okay then. First, you must strictly follow the Jintu Kor.

CFL- The Nord Nine Suggestions to Rule Oneself.

ARG- Two Suggestions in particular: first, “Separateness is illusion.” Only when you appreciate there is only one mind can you perform the mind probe. As long as you think in terms of I and you, you will be unable to do it.

CFL- And the second?

ARG- The Ninth Suggestion: “Respect the privacy of others.” Do not probe a being without that being having asked you to do so.

CFL- But there are exceptions.

ARG- Very, very seldom. I know where you’re going.

CFL- And of course, you didn’t probe me.
ARG- Your thought forms are blazingly apparent, Charles. You want to know about the exception I made recently. Okay. That was done because the being in question was deeply troubled by the turn of events in his life, sought truth above all other things, and was destined to find his truth.

CFL- Destined?
ARG- Destined to have his truth become clear to him. Whether he chose to follow it or not, was up to him.

CFL- His truth?

ARG- Each being has the divine right to seek the truth within his or her own heart, to create his or her own reality.

CFL- And?

ARG- And then recall the prime Jintu Kor Suggestion: “Learn to distinguish the true reality from that which you desire it to be.”

CFL- You’ve given us a lot to consider. I think this is a good place to stop. Thank you Aidan Ray Good. Any last suggestions?

ARG- Be flexible. Truth changes from level to level.

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