Monday, August 22, 2016

Okay, I'm Bragging, But. . .

Dancing With the Dead has won a CIPA EVVY MERIT AWARD in the 22nd annual competition. So please allow me a moment’s celebration.
Here’s how CIPA describes the competition:
“The CIPA EVVY awards is one of the longest-running book awards competition on the Indie publishing scene. It is sponsored by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA), along with the CIPA Education and Literacy Foundation (ELF).
The CIPA EVVYS are open to all types of independently published books. The EVVYS recognize achievement across a diverse range of genres and technical categories. It is international with entries from all over the world, including England, Belgium, South Africa, Russia and Dubai. 
The judging is tough—the way a book competition should be. Judges are selected through CIPA’s competition judging qualification process and include teachers, business leaders, authors, critics, editors, readers and others.
CIPA EVVY entries are judged and scored according to established minimum acceptable criteria. Only those entries that attain the minimum acceptable score become finalists with the highest scores in each category used by the judges to help determine each category’s winners, if any.”
You can get your copy by clicking on the book cover to the right.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Progress and Change

Progress is something we like, that the other guy has to adapt to. Change is something we have to adapt to. We all like progress. We all dislike change. People are wondering what’s going on in American politics this year. Don’t click off: I am not going there. I will not discuss politics on a public forum. What I will do is talk about why we see so much anger—even rage, everywhere.
Change = Pain. That’s a psychological fact. Having to adapt to something new is stressful. Consider how much change the world has seen in just the past half century and you will understand how much pain people all over the world have been going through. It might just make them a bit cranky. Possibly angry. Maybe even outraged. Let's look at change from a specific point of view--language. The pace of change, what some people have called "the collapse of time," is reflected in our language, To see just how much things have changed ,let's bring this home. Imagine your grandmother. Let’s say she was born in 1945—a lot of people were. Imagine her at about five years old, in 1950. And imagine what she’d say if someone asked her what the following words meant:
Click on
Day care
Information overload
Indie Pub
Micro chip
Video conference
Women’s liberation 

We’re living in an age of the most rapid change the world has ever seen. People are being asked to adapt to more and more change, more and more quickly, or be left behind. Change=Pain. Very few of us like pain.