Saturday, October 20, 2018

Indie Books May Be The Most Creative Being Published-And They are Breaking Into the Best Seller Lists

On average, 20% of books on this year’s Amazon Charts Top 20 weekly lists are self-published. Indie published books are becoming the newest, most creative books on the market.
In an article at titled If it’s cool, creative, and different, it’s indie, journalist Catherine Andrews wrote: “The term ‘indie’ traditionally refers to independent art – music, film, literature or anything that fits under the broad banner of culture – created outside of the mainstream and without corporate financing.”
“Choosing finalists for the INDIES AWARDS is always the highlight of our year, but the job is very difficult due to the high quality of submissions,” said Victoria Sutherland, founder/publisher of Foreword Reviews. “Each new book award season proves again how independent publishers are the real innovators in the industry.”
Hundreds of thousands of independent authors are finding their audiences through self-publishing. Many established authors are leaving the realm of big-publishing houses to achieve the freedom to publish their works as they intended them to be.
Here’s is a list of some of the top-selling books on Amazon from independent authors:
David Archer’s Code Name Camelot - A Noah Wolf Thriller (Thriller).
John Ellsworth’s 30 Days of Justis (Michael Gresham Series) (Thriller).
R.S. Grey’s Not So Nice Guy (Romance).
Aleron Kong’s The Land: Predators: A LitRPG Saga (Chaos Seeds) (Science Fiction & Fantasy).
Scott Pratt’s Due Process (Joe Dillard Series) (Mystery).
Denise Grover Swank’s Hell in a Handbasket: Rose Gardner Investigations #3 (Romance).
Meredith Wild’s The Red Ledger 1 (Suspense).
Pepper Winters’ The Boy and His Ribbon (Ribbon Duet) (Young Adult).