Saturday, January 26, 2019


If I've been a bit absent (or absent-minded) lately, it's because we have three unhappy Maltese dogs . 

Valentino, our almost-nine-year-old, took a fall and slipped a disc in his back. He's been on intense steroid treatment for five days, now on a less intense regimen, is able to walk again, but is still a bit wobbly. He may never completely recover. 

Katie, our eight-year-old (Valentino's sister) just went through six weeks of dietary change in a vain attempt to melt gallstones--she had surgery Thursday, and is now home on pain medications and antibiotics for ten to fourteen days. Both of them have to be carried up and down any stairs, and have absolutely limited walking time. 

Tooki, our five-year-old, is confused---why are Tino and Katie being locked up in crates all the time, why can't we wrassle, and how come I don't get picked up, swaddled in a blanket and hugged as much as they do??? So of course, he's misbehaving. 

Valentino is due to go in for his own gall bladder surgery next Thursday, since he seems to be recovering from his fall so well so far. The gall stones seem to be a genetic problem for both him and his sister. So I'll be playing "momynurse" for a while yet.

But----right now, I'm sitting in my study,, with my laptop on my lap, and all three pups sprawled on the rug, where, for the moment, things are back to normal.