Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Frankensquirrel Revisited

Well, we moved the squirrel feeder from the tree near the porch one hundred and some feet away---hung it on the wooden fence around the flower garden.
The squirrels all took to it immediately. They soon figured out they are safe from the three Maltese dogs confined behind the small wire fence some 50 or so feet away.
But, as will occur, battles for "ownership" of the feeder commenced, and the larger squirrels succeeded in chasing Frankensquirrel off pretty much every time any of them were there.
So now, with most of the thieving of the bird feeders having been reduced by giving the squirrels an alternative to having to run for their lives when the hounds are loosed, and Frankensquirrel clearly back at the bottom of the squirrel pecking order, there's a large pet bowl on the back porch, filled with a mix of raisins, nuts and seeds. We can't help it. Franky comes to the back porch, sits on the railings, watches us, and otherwise makes it clear he thinks he is one of the "pack," and has adopted us.
The dogs, of course, disagree.

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