Wednesday, August 2, 2017


In a very favorable review, Blueink Reviews said Alvar's Spear was "neo-retro science fiction," compared my book to Ursula Le Guin's Hugo-Award-winning The Word For World Is Forest, and added, "readers who are looking for neo-retro science fiction—especially those who enjoyed Ursula Le Guin’s early works—will find this novel both entertaining and enlightening." 

I have to say, I like the classification. And I'm flattered by the complimentary comparison to Ursula Le Guin's novel. (Who wouldn't be?)

Here are some of the other nice things they said:  

"Alvar's Spear is archetypal science fiction: wildly imaginative, thought-provoking, and thematically profound."

"The story is undoubtedly a powerful read. Ideas explored include prejudice, acceptance and unity, but ultimately, the questions asked are deeply spiritual in nature."

"This is a solid science fiction offering. The philosophical undertone (quotes from Nietzsche, Cicero, Sun Tzu, Sitting Bull, Malcolm X, Sartre, etc. serve as chapter headers) adds a deeply contemplative layer to the narrative tapestry."

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