Friday, January 8, 2016

Shazam, the Tavak

Tavak: An all-white wolf-cat, native to the Sacred Yarr-Tun mountain, home of the Va-Tor Masters of the planet Narr. It has a long, plumed tail, large black eyes, 40-50 cm in length, 30-40 cm at the shoulder, 4-7 kilos weight.  Telepathic, solitary, long-legged predator that barks like a dog and howls like a wolf, but is capable of great cat-like leaps to bring down prey, has fangs both fore and mid jaw, retractable razor-sharp cat-claws on all four feet. On the rarest of occasions, chooses to “adopt” and look after a being of another species. Ferocious when aroused, capable of killing humans but also hopelessly cute, and it knows that.
Vice Marshal Natil gazed down at the wolfcat. “May I,” she asked, inquiring if she could pet it.
“Certainly, vice marshal,” Val responded, gently stroking the tavak’s back and taking its long white plumed tail in his hand to assure it everything was all right.
Natil stretched down and tickled Shazam’s white head with her claws. Shazam did not move away, but neither did he sheath his claws nor take his eyes off the Krieg warrior’s throat. “I have had the good fortune to behold a Yarr-Tun tavak in action. It tore the throats out of two Kuldorian assassins faster than I could have dispatched them with my Kuldai. I did not wish to give it cause to mistrust me.” 
The telepathic tavak has a habit of referring to itself in the third person.
Quote: “It will always protect you and the Terran boy and wishes to always remain with you,” the wolfcat telepathized.

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