Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Jintu Kor

The most advanced race of the Seven Worlds, the Nord, live on the planet Narr.  Incarnate Nord are strikingly beautiful, brilliant translucent beings of what we would mistakenly call “semi-viscous gas” within a semi-permeable shell that resembles a clear veneer. These wraithlike, round shouldered light forms that glide along the surface of the planet are not humanoid, but can grow instant arms, legs, or hands as they need. The males stand eight feet tall and vary from medium to deep blue in color. Females are about three inches shorter and pale violet to deep purple. Elders, the disembodied, “passed beyond” Nord with their transparent bodies of pure energy in the same general colors they had been when inhabiting a denser body, are unmistakably noticeable.
The single most distinguishing feature of both types of Nord is a five-tiered eye where a face might otherwise be. A three inch wide, dark red eye, immediately joined by a concentric bright red band that juts out another inch, a thin dark blue ring around that, next an orange circle spreading out another inch from that, and a bright yellow fifth glimmering halo eye to complete the multicolored sphere. Five penetrating lights like a huge multicolored headlamp on a spectral train. The eye, capable of infrared, ultraviolet, x-ray, radio waves and particles, and microwave vision, enables the Nord to see in the dark, in blinding light, to see heat, the interior of dense objects, and perceive both particles and waves. To the Nord, thought forms are real, physical things. Kumlar, the Nord language, literally means ‘thought speak,’ and it is far more thought than sound.
Because they accurately see thought forms, it is said that one cannot lie to the Nord, and though that is more true than not, it is not precisely accurate. And if anything, the Nord are precise, rational beings. Capable of ruling the galaxy, they choose to rule themselves instead, to live quietly with their thoughts, to manage, rather than dominate their planet, to treasure the terrestrial sheath of what they consider a living, sentient being and tolerate and encourage all its life forms and to remain galactic advisors.
Their philosophy is encapsulated in the Jintu Kor, the Nine Suggestions to Rule Oneself, the Way. 

                           The Jintu Kor                                         .

·         Learn to distinguish the true reality from that which you desire it to be.
·         Separateness is illusion. Bear in mind that whatever you do, you do to yourself
·         No one can make anyone else think, feel or do anything. You are responsible for your own thoughts, feelings and actions
·         You cannot give others what you do not possess yourself. You must  become what you wish the world to have
·         Remember fear, greed and sloth are the mothers of all the negative emotions
·         Accept your negativity. Only then use reason to moderate and overcome it
·         Do as little harm as possible
·         Master your passions
·         Respect the privacy of others


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