Wednesday, September 23, 2015


CFL- A number of people have asked about Aidan Ray Good, the woman who dances with the dead, and I’m really pleased to have her here today. Thank you, Aidan. It’s not often an author gets to sit down like this with a character.
ARG- No, Charles, and it’s not often a character gets to do this either.
CFL- Aidan, the two biggest questions I’ve been asked have been, what’s it like to see, hear, and feel the dead, to dance with them? And, do you regularly interact with the dead from other planets?
ARG- Narr and El Adem mostly. Vitok and Kirsan Tabiyat.
CFL- And your regulars on Terra would be?
ARG- White Willow, John Kenneth Galbraith, Mao, the Passed Beyond Monitors, and some others you wouldn’t know.
CFL- I wouldn’t?
ARG- Not yet. (Laughs). You think you know everything?
CFL- (Laughs). Obviously not. You keep surprising me. So what’s it like?
ARG- Well, it’s a mixed bag, just like rubbing shoulders with incarnates. When the personality passes over into its new reality, it still carries with it a full set of desires, dreams. There’s no magical cleansing at death, no magic wand wisdom zap. So many of the deceased can still give the same bad advice they gave when they were incarnates.
CFL- Tell us more.
ARG- Well, at the risk of oversimplifying, I think you can divide the dead into three main groups: those who accept appearances around them and are content to live on without questioning them, those who can’t believe they’re dead, and the third group, who want to grasp the meaning of what’s happening to them and what lies beyond the reality they currently find themselves in.
CFL- So life beyond death, like life on earth, is far from simple.
ARG- And of course there are still ties of love for friends and family. This may explain why most people have little trouble contacting relatives again and again. But for the seekers of truth, the after-death life is a great adventure, another step on an eternal journey.
CFL- So you can get both good and not-so-good advice from the departed.
ARG- It takes some time, and some work for the lower earthly desires to fall away. Those who have accomplished that can give amazingly helpful guidance. Masters like Vitok of the Va-Tor Brotherhood, and Kirsan Tabiyat of the El Adem, for example, who choose to remain in service to the living and have been working from their side of the veil for, well, in Kirsan’s case, centuries, have generally burned out most ill thoughts and emotions. So they can both see and speak clearly.
CFL- When you say speak, you are speaking figuratively.
ARG- Yes, of course, there is no speaking, There’s thinking, thinking with all the emotions and meaning behind the thoughts. Not everyone can do this, and not everyone can see beyond the immediate thought forms.
CFL- And not everyone can probe another being’s mind.
ARG- I knew you’d get to that.
CFL- Well, lots of people want to know about that.
ARG- Okay then. First, you must strictly follow the Jintu Kor.
CFL- The Nord Nine Suggestions to Rule Oneself.
ARG- Two Suggestions in particular: first, “Separateness is illusion.” Only when you appreciate there is only one mind can you perform the mind probe. As long as you think in terms of I and you, you will be unable to do it.
CFL- And the second?
ARG- The Ninth Suggestion: “Respect the privacy of others.” Do not probe a being without that being having asked you to do so.
CFL- But there are exceptions.
ARG- Very, very seldom. I know where you’re going.
CFL- And of course, you didn’t probe me.
ARG- Your thought forms are blazingly apparent, Charles. You want to know about the exception I made recently. Okay. That was done because the being in question was deeply troubled by the turn of events in his life, sought truth above all other things, and was destined to find his truth.
CFL- Destined?
ARG- Destined to have his truth become clear to him. Whether he chose to follow it or not, was up to him.
CFL- His truth?
ARG- Each being has the divine right to seek the truth within his or her own heart, to create his or her own reality.
CFL- And?
ARG- And then recall the prime Jintu Kor Suggestion: “Learn to distinguish the true reality from that which you desire it to be.”
CFL- You’ve given us a lot to consider. I think this is a good place to stop. Thank you Aidan Ray Good. Any last suggestions?
ARG- Be flexible. Truth changes from level to level.

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